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What The Witcher voice actor Doug Cockle did next

2 weeks ago 12

I can't believe it was six years ago that I met Doug Cockle, voice of The Witcher (Geralt) in the video games. He was a teacher back then, leading the acting course at Arts University Bournemouth - such an ordinary place to find a bonafide video game star.

But a lot has changed since then. Doug Cockle no longer teaches there; he was debating a return to full-time acting when we talked, and shortly after, did exactly that.

Meanwhile, The Witcher became a household name, propelled into the mainstream by the Netflix TV show. The star of that show, Henry Cavill, turned out to be an open admirer of Cockle's work, too, being a keen game-player himself. He even invited Cockle to the season one premiere in London, to hang out. And they did, as Cockle tells me in this episode of the One-to-one podcast show, now available everywhere and for everyone (search for "Eurogamer Podcasts" wherever you listen to them).

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