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Ubisoft Racer 'The Crew 2' Will Soon Be Playable At 60FPS On Xbox Series S

4 months ago 25

Smooth steering.

Back in the summer, Ubisoft revealed that a 60FPS update was inbound for The Crew 2 on Xbox Series X|S and PS5, after the game was previously locked to 30FPS on last-gen consoles. However, when the initial update launched on July 6th, it only applied to Xbox Series X and PS5, with the Series S version needing a little more tweaking. Well, that version is almost ready to go.

The team has announced that as part of the game's Season 7 launch, performance improvements are coming to Xbox Series S. Developer Ivory Tower is aiming for a "target 60FPS, up to 1080p", improving on the current max of 30FPS.

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