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This Upcoming Super Mario Bros. 3 Mod Adds New Playable Characters, Wall Jumps And More

4 months ago 31

Coming 'Thanksgiving 2022'.

At this point, word of a new Mario game would have a whole host of Nintendo fans super jumping for joy - finally breaking away from the five-year gap that has followed in Super Mario Odyssey's wake. While there is nothing official to speak of on this front just yet, we have now seen a teaser trailer for an upcoming Super Mario Bros. 3 mod - named 'Super Mario Bros. 3 +' - which looks to bring a boat-load of new mechanics to the NES classic.

Created by @infidelity_nes and due to be published on during the Thanksgiving holiday break later on this month, the mod appears to take everything that we loved about the original game and dial it up to 11 with some interesting added content. Chief among these extras appears to be the addition of Princess Toadstool and Toad as playable characters. The princess is in another castle you say? Well we can see her out there chucking fire balls like it's nobody's business.

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