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This Pokémon GO 'Auto-Catcher' Can Catch, Battle And Raid For 5 Days Straight, Says Dev

4 months ago 25

Catching 'mon all day long.

The face of Pokémon GO was forever changed with the release of the Pokémon GO Plus wristband - a way to catch 'em all without even needing to get your phone out of your pocket. Since then there has been a Pokédex-worth of imitators, all keen to bring something new to the catching game.

None more so is this the case than with PhotoFast's 247 Catcher - an auto-catching device which stakes a pretty big claim in its ability to catch Pokémon consistently for 120 hours (that's five days)! The device is supposed to perform these catches at a pretty speedy rate too, with it taking an estimated 6.5 seconds on each wild encounter.

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