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Talking Point: We're Ready For The Next Limited Edition Xbox Console

4 months ago 29

Will it be Starfield-themed?

Well, we regret to inform you that we could have been playing Starfield right now on our Xbox Series consoles, as the game's initial 11/11/22 launch date has just passed. While we're disappointed that we can't go hands-on with Bethesda's next epic just yet, we're happy that the team is getting all the time it needs to make things right. However, the passing of its old launch date has got us thinking about limited edition Xbox hardware, funnily enough.

After last year's Halo Infinite Xbox Series X console, which is a thing of beauty by the way, we had Starfield penned as the next game to receive some sort of limited edition hardware - potentially the next unique Series X design. Of course, this hadn't been confirmed by Xbox or Bethesda, it just made sense given the scope of the project and its planned launch date. Now that the date has slipped, we're not quite so sure on a Starfield console; Xbox has rarely shipped a new console outside of the holiday season!

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