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Talking Point: Do You Name Your Pokémon?

4 months ago 23

Pikachu or Pik-yer-nose?

With every improvement and addition that each new mainline Pokémon entry brings, there are a handful of features that remain unchanged since the launch of the franchise more than 25 years ago: the ability to heal up at a Pokémon Centre, the appearance of the "technology is incredible" guy, and — of course — the option to give your beloved Pocket Monsters nicknames.

During the first few generations of Pokémon, the notion of giving each and every one of your partners its own unique nickname might have seemed reasonably doable. Now that we're heading into the ninth generation of the franchise with Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, however, there are near-enough 1000 of the beggars to keep track of, so it got us thinking: Do players still go to the effort of nicknaming them all?

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