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System Gamer Is A Fanzine For The 21st Century

2 weeks ago 5

"Past, Present and Future".

Once upon a time, fanzines were huge. Before the internet arrived and gave everyone an easy means to make their voice heard, black-and-white home-made magazines were the only way gamers could truly express themselves and served as a welcome (and passionate) counterpoint to the professionally-published video game mags which lined the shelves of newsagents all over the globe.

Today, the internet has pretty much replaced the printed word, both for grassroots fanzines and 'proper' magazines, but we've seen welcome signs of recovery over the past few years. Magazines like Lock On, Ninty Fresh and Sega Powered have proven that there's still an audience for this kind of project – and now, those magazines are joined by another publication in the form of System Gamer.

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