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Soapbox: It's Been 20 Years Since Xbox Live Launched, And It Brings Back Some Fond Memories

4 months ago 23

We salute you!

20 years ago to the day, Microsoft launched Xbox Live, just a year after its first ever console hit the market. It was a momentous day for gaming, as the console world took a gargantuan leap towards mass adoption for online play. Admittedly, I'm a bit young to have too many memories of its initial launch, but Xbox Live in general changed how I looked at video games, and the service ultimately made me fall in love with the Xbox brand in a big way.

Truth be told, I never considered myself a 'gamer' before Xbox Live. Sure, I messed around with both a PS1 and a PS2 as a young kid (yeah, they were around before Xbox burst onto the scene for me), but my playtime was limited back then, and I mostly dipped into the same few games here and there. Gran Turismo, GTA and Pro Evolution Soccer were a few I have strong memories of playing.

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