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Review: Somerville (Xbox Series X|S) An Engaging Sci-Fi Story Let Down By Dull Gameplay

2 weeks ago 7

Close Encounters of the Bland Kind.

Somerville is an aesthetically pleasing slice of sci-fi that draws influence from the likes of 'War of the Worlds' and 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind' to present the short tale of a bewildered man on the run from otherworldly machines as he attempts to reunite with his wife and infant son in desperate circumstances.

Jumpship's Dino Patti, the ex-CEO and co-founder of Playdead, has very obviously had a big influence on the action here as this is a game that strongly calls to mind both Limbo and Inside at almost every turn. It's broadly the same setup as both of these classic adventures, with a lone protagonist in a desperate struggle that sees the player work their way through a bunch of puzzles whilst remaining concealed in order to push forward and see the story through to its conclusion.

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