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Review: Pentiment - Obsidian's Medieval Murder Mystery Is A Game Pass Delight

4 months ago 26

A narrative adventure most unexpected.

We've been really looking forward to getting our hands on Obsidian's Pentiment ever since it was first announced back at the Xbox & Bethesda Summer Showcase in June of this year. A uniquely stylised narrative-driven murder mystery, it ticked all the boxes for us in terms of presenting a game world so different to anything else we've seen recently that we simply couldn't help but get very excited to jump in. But has the final product lived up to the lofty expectations we've been developing internally ever since we absorbed those first early glimpses and gameplay trailers?

Well yes, thankfully, it absolutely has done. What Obsidian has delivered not only nails the highly original art style it was going for - a colourful feast inspired by 16th century tapestries, early modern woodcuts and Medieval Illumination period art - it also draws players into a world that's surprisingly complex in its execution. There's a properly absorbing and entertaining mystery at the core of everything taking place here, in a game that's bursting with the history and conventions of the time period in which it occurs.

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