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Review: Neo Geo Pocket Color Selection Vol.2 - A Fair Retro Package With Some Intriguing Curios

4 months ago 25

Rolling the dice.

One of the only real criticisms we levelled at the recent Mega Man Battle & Fighters, a re-release of a Neo Geo Pocket Color title included in this new package, was that nobody had bothered to translate the content from Japanese. It was an issue exacerbated by a fan translation already existing online for those willing to go the emulation route. Neo Geo Pocket Color Selection Vol.2, on the same basis, is equally disappointing.

There are ten titles on board this follow-up to Vol.1 — four of which are already available to buy separately on Switch eShop — nicely presented as little cartridges on the menu, each with a variety of options. The language barrier issue affects three titles, one of which is the aforementioned Mega Man Battle & Fighters. The other two are board game King of Fighters: Battle de Paradise, and minigame/sim curio Ganbare Neo Poke-Kun, both of which are fairly well-known to Neo Pocket aficionados as two of the system’s more intriguing titles.

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