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Review: Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord (PS5) - Long Live the King

2 months ago 22

A storm of steel.

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord is an intricate feudal relationship simulator set in a dynamic sandbox world dominated by six medieval kingdoms roughly analogous to cultures from our own. It features massive-scale battles, deep character customisation, action-based melee and ranged combat (on horseback or afoot), a living, breathing economy, and a sense of progression so powerful it can be hard to put down. Translation: imagine the Machiavellian interpersonal toy box of Crusader Kings combined with the crunchy combat from Chivalry, with battles on a Total War scale, underpinned by Skyrim's RPG mechanics.

Available on PC in early access since 2020, Bannerlord has finally seen a full 1.0 release and made the jump to console in the process. It's the same incredible game, and where it counts (in combat), the transition to controller feels fantastic. With the DualSense, you feel the thunder of your horse's hooves and the impact of the lance when it strikes home, skewering whichever unfortunate footman just happened to catch the business end.

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