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Review: Lunistice - A 32-Bit Platforming Dream That Gives Sonic A Serious Run For His Money

2 months ago 36

Frontier justice?

Ever since game fans collectively realised that crunchy polygons were worth getting nostalgic over, PS1-core indie games have been growing into the new pixel art. With Lunistice, one-person shop A Grumpy Fox has delivered a shining example of this modernised lo-fi aesthetic. Sparkling in chaotic but coordinated palettes of technicolor jaggies, it's immediately arresting – and once you start playing, it just gets better and better.

The set-up for this high-speed platforming adventure is something to do with a tanuki called Hana travelling through her dreams to get to the moon. Or whatever. You won’t be sitting through cutscenes in this game – A Grumpy Fox lets the gameplay do the talking. The skeletal narrative is sufficient excuse for playful and imaginative stage designs, ranging from a Japanese-shrine-flying-water-bubble-semi-undersea tropical resort with echos of Sonic Colors to a subdued forest of quiet autumn leaves.

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