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Review: Like A Hurricane: An Unofficial Oral History Of Street Fighter II

1 month ago 10

Lifting the lid on Capcom's legendary series.

It's hard to think of a video game that gripped the world in quite the same way as Capcom's Street Fighter II.

Sure, there are titles which have sold more copies since then, but this one-on-one fighter seemed to capture the attention of the entire globe at one point, not only ensnaring players with its deep gameplay and colourful characters but also spawning albums, movies, TV shows and comics – all in a relatively short period of time. It can also be credited with giving the ailing arcade industry a much-needed shot in the arm, just as home console technology was catching up in terms of raw power. It then became the kind of game that could make or break home systems, with Nintendo gaining a brief advantage over rival Sega thanks to the SNES getting the first domestic port.

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