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Review: Goat Simulator 3 (PS5) - Bigger, Madder Sequel Is Udderly Ridiculous

2 weeks ago 5


Goat Simulator 3 knows exactly who it's for. If you found the wonky physics and toilet humour of the original Goat Simulator about as amusing as the bubonic plague, the odds are incredibly low that you'll find anything of value in this follow-up. Even the name is a daft joke; this is in fact the second instalment. Your Google searches for Goat Simulator 2 will only find other confused people looking for Goat Simulator 2 which, to be fair, is quite funny.

It's a statement of intent right on the front of the box. This is more of the bleating, headbutting, bugged-to-hell action you'd expect set in a larger map full of opportunity for chaos. You start out in a simple farmyard (by which point the tone has been set by a silly intro) and are immediately let loose on the world. A headbutt — which you can charge to become ludicrously powerful — a sticky tongue, and unstable physics are your tools for mammalian mayhem, and it's gloriously dumb fun.

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