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Random: Fan Preserves Zelda History By 3D Scanning Classic 1980s Figurines

2 months ago 18

A literal link to the past.

It is unfortunately too often the case that pieces of video game history are lost over time. T-shirts are run through the tumble dryer, figures are swallowed by children or kicked under sofas, cartridges are filled with dust and controllers are snapped in rage. Fortunately there are people out there like @KeshiCorner who are determined to keep video game history alive.

Doing so requires getting their hands on classic video game figures - KeshiCorner's current focus is on a range of 'keshi gomu' rubber figures from the 1980s and 90s - and 3D scanning them so that they can be printed time and again in the future. Working their way through a series inspired by The Legend of Zelda, the scanner has recently come to scanning Link, and the results are seriously adorable.

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