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PSA: Watch Out for God of War Ragnarok Spoilers on Your Own PS5 or PS4

3 weeks ago 13

End times.

God of War Ragnarok only released a few days ago, but that obviously hasn't stopped some people from racing to the end of the game. There's nothing wrong with that, of course, but there is an issue when those players start uploading spoilers en masse to websites like YouTube. And now, those YouTube videos — complete with spoilerific thumbnails — can actually end up being posted directly onto your PS5 or PS4.

Many of you reading this will already know, but just in case: when you hover over a game that's installed on your console, you'll be presented with a range of related content. This hub usually includes things like any relevant DLC pages or trailers — but it can also throw things like livestreams and YouTube videos into the mix.

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