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Pokémon GO Fans Are Not Happy With Niantic's Apology For Bungled Zorua Event

4 months ago 27

"A piece of tree bark, a salt packet from McDonalds, and a bottle cap".

Back in October 2022, a Pokémon GO event called the Shuppet Spotlight Hour took place, with a "special" surprise for people who participated. Niantic ended up cancelling this special surprise at the last minute, but not before those in the GMT +13 time zone in Australia and New Zealand saw it, which meant that the surprise was spoiled.

The surprise was supposed to be an encounter with the Pokémon Zorua, but a bug meant that Zorua would take its moveset, CP, and height from your Buddy Pokémon, allowing some trainers to catch a very beefy Zorua indeed. In response, Niantic removed the ability to actually use or trade the Pokémon, and cancelled the surprise for everyone else, although the Shuppet Spotlight Hour event still went on as otherwise planned.

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