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Next Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak update adds AI hunters for Master Rank

4 months ago 21

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak's next free title update is right around the corner, and it's a good 'un, adding new monsters variants, expanded uses for AI companion hunters, and a host of welcome tweaks and refinements when it launches next Thursday, 24th November.

On the monster front, there are no brand-new additions in Title Update 3, but a number of existing favourites do get a bit of a makeover. Elder Dragons Kushala Daora and Teostra, for instance, have now shaken off the affliction, only to emerge in Risen variant form - both available at Master Rank 120 or higher - causing them to become much more menacing when their anger peaks.

Then there's the Chaotic Gore Magala, unlocked at Master Rank 10 or higher. This poor, unfortunate process has failed to complete the skin-shedding process that would normally see it turn into the Shagaru Magala, leaving it in a "deformed" halfway state that's able to use the attacks of both creatures. Sometimes, says Capcom, it will display "expressions of intense agony".

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