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Mini Review: Windosill - A Cult Classic Puzzler Gets A Dreamy Switch Port

4 months ago 29


Well, isn't this a nice surprise. Some 13 years after it first released as a Flash game on web browsers, Patrick Smith's delightful Windosill has arrived on Switch, giving players a fresh chance to experience this breezy, playful, and rather magical little journey through a series of enchanting puzzles.

Windosill's unique aesthetic has very obviously influenced the art style of the likes of Donut County and Monument Valley, and it's not too hard to see why other indie titles chose to look to this game for inspiration in the years following its original release. The wonderfully laid-back and often trippy vibe here elevates what is actually a rather simple and short experience — you can blast through it all in less than an hour — into something that really does have the power to stay with you long after you've completed its charming collection of challenges.

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