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Mini Review: A Little To The Left - An Evocative, Imaginative Tidy 'Em Up

2 months ago 18

How’s it hanging?

Trailers, screenshots, and previews of A Little to the Left paint a picture of a tidying game about making things neat – and a cat interferes and cats are nice. That’s not inaccurate, but there’s a lot more going on in Max Inferno’s first game. Presenting you with one-screen scenes of real-life objects like books, batteries, and cleaning products, the game invites you to get organising. The simplest asks are to just make a drawer neat, or straighten some pictures, but it soon becomes more sophisticated, launching into magical realist daydreams of how shadows and stars might be arranged to satisfy some sort of imagined rule set.

And it’s the imaginary nature of the rules that surprises most. Re-assembling a torn picture has a clear and obvious objective, for instance, but what is the right way to line up some pencils? Shortest to longest? Yellowest to purplest? Pointiest to bluntest? There’s no one right answer, so the game will usually accept whatever is your personal intuition – then shock you with the fact that there were other ways of seeing what seemed certain.

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