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Hogwarts Legacy Looks Like Another Magical PS5, PS4 Open World

4 months ago 31

Well, owl be damned.

God of War Ragnarok may now be available, but there are no shortage of titles to look forward to. One release lingering tantalisingly on the horizon is Hogwarts Legacy, and developer Avalanche has decided to refuel our enthusiasm with over 40 minutes of PS5 gameplay footage, spanning the character creator all the way through to a short tour of Hogwarts.

In short, it looks incredible. The team’s done an amazing job of making each individual corridor of the famous wizarding school feel unique, and while it’s perhaps not quite as interactive as you may have hoped, it’s bursting with activity, as students gather outside classrooms and teachers go about their business. As far as open world games go, this is certainly a very unique setting.

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