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Guide: Best PS Plus Games

2 weeks ago 4

All the best PS Plus games, ranked and rated.

What are the best PS Plus games? PS Plus, also known as PlayStation Plus, is Sony's flagship subscription service for PS5 and PS4, providing online multiplayer functionality, cloud saves, and PS Store discounts. PS Plus also includes access to hundreds of games included at no extra cost, spanning three distinct subscription tiers: PS Plus Essential, PS Plus Extra, and PS Plus Premium. You can learn more about all three options and their various benefits with our PS Plus Memberships: All Three Tiers Explained guide.

Depending on which PS Plus membership tier you're subscribed to, you'll be able to download and play an overwhelming number of games. Therefore, you may be wondering what the best PS Plus games are. That's why we've created this list, which sorts and curates the best PS Plus games currently available, based on your user ratings. This page will dynamically update, depending upon the availability of games within the PS Plus tiers, and your opinions.

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