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Flashback: Meet The Crazy Namco Star Wars Game Inspired By Alex Kidd

2 weeks ago 10

"We couldn't think of any other way to make some kind of game out of it".

You're probably aware of the insane version of Star Wars developed by Namco, exclusive to the Japanese Famicom, released in December 1987. It's the one where Darth Vader turns into a scorpion, pterodactyl, shark, and wampa. Yeah, that one.

The Namco team behind it was small, comprising a core staff of Shinichirou Okamoto as designer (credited as Wan Wan); Yoshihiro Kishimoto as programmer (he made Pac-Land); plus an unknown artist, Shimada, and then Hiroyuki Kawada on music. Four young guys tasked with turning one of the century's biggest and most influential films into a game for Japan's leading console. No pressure, lads.

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