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Fixing Rare's Cancelled Dinosaur Planet Is About To Become A Whole Lot Easier

2 weeks ago 6

DinoLauncher lets you keep up to date with the latest community mods.

On February 2021, twenty years after the release of Star Fox Adventures, the preservationist group Forest of Illusion announced on Twitter that it had released a build of the cancelled N64 title Dinosaur Planet online. This was the game that Star Fox Adventures was originally going to be before Rare agreed to take on the Star Fox license, changed its name, and moved development over to the GameCube.

As many noticed, this early build was fully-playable but required a little TLC before players could make it to the end on emulators. As a result, fans took it upon themselves to start fixing and restoring the game content, in order to make it the cleanest experience possible. And they haven't stopped since.

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