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Diablo 4 may have a more open world, but the story will have "a beginning, middle, and end"

3 weeks ago 6

Diablo 4's world will permit players to leave and pick up the story at will, but although it will "allow for non-linearity", the story will have "a beginning, middle, and end".

In an interview with IGN, Diablo 4 director Joe Shely and general manager Rod Fergusson opened up on what the new adventure has in store for fans of the franchise, as well as give a little insight into how the game's storytelling mechanics will differ from the Diablo games that have come before it.

"One of the concerns about putting 'open world' in a big neon and flashing that sign is that people have that notion of Breath of the Wild, 'oh, it’s completely organic and I can go anywhere and do anything'," Fergusson said, as transcribed by NME.

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