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Despite The Launch 'Issues', The Callisto Protocol Is Great At 60FPS On Xbox Series X

1 month ago 27

It's a beautiful game as well.

The release of The Callisto Protocol caused a bit of fuss earlier this week when it was reported that the Xbox Series X version was missing ray traced reflections in its quality mode compared to the PS5, along with a few more instances of dropped frames than Sony's console when running at 30FPS. Digital Foundry stated on Friday that these were "fairly severe strikes" against the Xbox Series version, recommending PS5 to see the game "at its very best".

However, when it comes to the 60FPS performance mode on Xbox Series X, we've had very good things to say about The Callisto Protocol. In our review of the game, we called this mode a "smooth experience" with just a "few little dips here and there", while also pointing out how the game really benefits from a 60FPS option on console:

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