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CIBSunday: Killer Instinct (SNES)

4 months ago 28

Fight on.

We're having something of a Rare love-in on Time Extension right now. We covered the history of the company's Manor Farm HQ a few days ago, and we also recently took a look at the making of Killer Instinct, one of the most iconic one-on-one fighters of the early '90s. To continue this trend, we're now gazing longingly at the SNES port of Killer Instinct, which – despite being massively scaled-down when compared to its arcade counterpart – managed to shift 3.2 million copies worldwide.

To give some context to the SNES port, it's worth noting that, when Killer Instinct hit arcades in 1994, its 'attract' sequence mentioned that the game would be playable in the home in 1995, "only on the Nintendo Ultra 64". Things didn't go exactly according to plan; the Ultra 64 (later renamed Nintendo 64) was delayed, and instead, Nintendo and Rare decided to convert the game to the incumbent Super Nintendo in 1995.

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