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A look at a few accessibility issues with open-world games

2 weeks ago 6

Hello! Welcome to the first in a series of pieces to celebrate Disability History Month. Today, Vivek returns to the streets of Los Santos.

A few weeks back, the shocking news of the GTA 6 leaks drove me to revisit the incredible city of Los Santos in GTA 5. I thought that my initial opinions of the game would have changed after a decade, but it is still one of the best open-world games out there. The reasons behind my bold statement are left up to you to explore - after all, you have the freedom to play with the sandbox and immerse yourself in the beauty of Los Santos.

It makes me think, too. I've been trying to think of an eloquent phrase to replace 'lack of accessibility settings' when it comes to games. I believe the perfect expression is 'immersion breakers'. Imagine a player who requires high stick sensitivity and decreased deadzones, but they're faced with a game that doesn't allow for adjustment of those settings. The gameplay experience would be frustrating, as you would constantly die in firefights. This struggle would break the immersion, due to an unnecessary barrier.

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